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We are a fully insured remodeling and general contracting company offering a wide array of quality remodeling services, including kitchens, bathrooms, decks, and additions.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen RemodelA kitchen renovation is one of the best investments one can make in a home to enhance the overall living space, flow, functionality and to increase the value of the home. One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner or contractor can make when contemplating a new kitchen is not spending the time to methodically plan out all of the possible functions that can be created and simplified through a powerful and brilliant layout and design. Our design team spends countless hours working and re-working ideas and designs to ensure every inch of their kitchens are maximized to the fullest capacity without feeling overly crowded or busy. Some of the many important points they address professionally when establishing the kitchen layout include matching the design of the kitchen to the style of the home, sourcing functional and attractive cabinetry, utilizing powerful main and accent lighting, introducing functional and complimentary appliances, sourcing impeccable countertops and backsplashes and, finally, tying in the overall beauty of each individual enhancement together with rich accents and accessories.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom is no longer considered just a functional, necessary space in a home. In today’s modern world a new bathroom offers an excellent opportunity to add sophistication and elegance by dedicating these areas to personal statements of design, comfort and functionality. Many of the important options the Suma Design team explores when planning a new bathroom include fresh colors, inviting flooring, functional countertops, powerful accent pieces and, finally, pulling it all together with handsome fixtures and lighting. The list of ideas can literally go on and on, so it is important for owners to work together with the team; first to identify and establish a theme for the space and then to piece the chosen elements together harmoniously without going overboard and breaking the budget. After the kitchen, bathroom(s) are commonly considered to be the second most important space to renovate to add value to one’s home.

Basement / Attic Renovations

Basement & Attic Remodel

One of Suma Designs specialties is transforming basements or attics from wasted or underserved square footage to enjoyable new retreats for homeowners. Whether the team is adding this build-out onto the scope of their work or it is integral to a total renovation project, or is helping the homeowner create a unique space specifically tailored to his personality, a basement build-out can be one of the most attractive enhancements to a home’s overall functionality and appeal. One of the most exciting things about a basement build-out is there is literally an unlimited amount of options possible when enhancing the space each home has to offer. Just to name a few, Suma Designs can add bedrooms, bathrooms, bars, entertainment areas, game rooms for pool tables, arcade games, foosball, movie theaters, wine cellars and much, much more.

Despite the fact that the Suma team spends most of its time and resources completing total home renovations, there is no job too small to call on their expertise and experience. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us today for a FREE constultation (203) 270-1097.


"Awesome work by Suma Designs. We had them remodel our kitchen, and add a master bedroom suite over our garage, replace our roof and replace our front door area among other things. We could not have been happier with their dependability, professionalism and integrity of work. Thank you!"

Brent and Shanyelle Young - South Windsor, CT

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"We've had several opportunities to work with Calvin/Suma Designs, the largest project being a kitchen remodel. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. The suggestions Calvin made, based on his knowledge/understanding of the industry and products, enhanced our original plans and were cost effective. The Suma project team was very conscientious, responsive to any concerns and the work was high quality. We have recommended Suma Designs to friends."

Candy and Donald

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